Update: The Year In Writering

Novel Word Count

First draft document: 27,391 words
Zero-th draft documents: 19,512 words
Total Words: 46,903/~90,000 words

Other Word Count

Some of you may know/remember that I moved to England last November. Since then, I have been pottering away at the novel, though not nearly so fast as I was hoping. My August deadline slipped away and I am still at least a half and very probably three-fifths away from finishing the damn thing according to my notes. That 90k word count may be optimistically low.

But I did also swing that regular gig at Poker Tube, and am now a stationary writer for Front Vision, from whom, thanks to the vagaries of international post, I only just received my contributors copy of the August issue. That issue contained my first print publication of the year. Admittedly it was translated into Chinese by someone else, and they spelled my name a little, shall we say, alternatively. But it is still exciting stuff… for me.

There should be several more issues of Front Vision in the post, as I have articles in the October and November editions as well. Though when they will arrive is entire up to Air Mail.


My name – almost – in print. I am now officially an international science writer.

On top of that, I have finally started to get round to polishing short stories and sending a few of those out. Three so far, which is not very many, but I’m eyeing up my back catalogue of rough drafts looking for places where I can scrub one up, put it in its Sunday best and send it out into the world.

Life Word Count

In life news: after parting ways with the Ladyfriend, I moved from Bristol up to Leamington in August. Having gone to university nearby I know a few more people round here which is nice, and most of them are writers or poets of some sort.

It makes an extraordinary difference to have other book nerds around. Not least because one feels vastly less pretentious bringing up your pet theory regarding Dostoevskian theological schemas when the other person has just had a rant about Joyce’s use – or lack thereof – of punctuation.

Having also run out of savings, and currently being paid the salary of a hungry – if not outright starving – artist, I am also trying to make the transition out of my ‘year out to write’ and back into being employed full-time by not me. If you happen to be a not-me company with a vacancy going please leave your phone number in the comments.

Now, I am going to go and ponder deeply what the next year of writing will bring. . .


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