Movie Mondays: God of Gamblers II


Cover art for the God of Gamblers II DVD

As part of a new regular series on What Is There To Option, I’m gonna be putting up something movie related every Monday. These will be mostly links to the most recent of my regular movie reviews for PokerTube. But in the absence of that, there’s my back catalogue, and occasionally something written special, just for WITTO.

Today I have last week’s review of God of Gamblers II for you. The Hong Kong comedy gambling flick. I reviewed the first God of Gamblers a while ago. There’s a link to that review in the review below. Review-ception.

“The 1991 sequel to God of Gamblers looked a bit naff when I first picked it up. The excellent Andy Lau still playing Knife, but so is the somewhat inconsistent writer / director Jing Wong. Plenty of minor characters from the last film make a small return but notably Chow Yun Fat sat this one out, with Andy Lau taking his place and Stephen Chow stepping up as the new hapless comedy sidekick.

The plot sees Knife…”

Click here to read the rest.



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