Friday Update: New Blogging Schedule



Old Typewriter, Russian by ArtDmitry, used under a Creative Commons Licence

As Stoptober comes to a close and NaNoWriMovember looms large, I’ve ben doing a little thinking about the shape of this blog. With the exception of the Dear Jon/Jim… posts which are weekly (the last fortnight of blog silence notwithstanding), the blog has mostly been a sort of as and when thing.The result has been a somewhat unfocussed ramble (mostly made up of short book reviews). Which is no good at all.

So for November I’m going to put a bit of a schedule in place. Originally the aims of the blog were threefold:

1. (for me) to be a sort of public space where I logged my writing process.

2. (for you) to be a sort of resource for people who are also muddling through the writing processes.

3. (for them) to be a professional calling card of sorts where potential clients can easily find examples of my work.

So the new schedule I’ll be trialling for the next couple of weeks will break down to three posts per week: on Monday there will be links to my movie reviews on PokerTube (for them), a Dear Jim/Jon… on Wednesday (for Jim), and on Fridays alternating update posts (for me), and writing based articles (for you).

I’m also hoping to do a couple of guest posts for other blogs in the nearish future. When that happens I’ll do a linked post on Sunday to those the week they come out. Book review posts will also probably go on Sunday.

All this is highly subject to change. But will do for the moment.



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