Mid-May Madness

April ended with a weeklong rush to turn out a 20,000 word bodice ripper for an online publisher. So May started with a slow attempt to get back to proper work, hunting up some more freelancing, and sorting out the already commissioned stuff, as well as trying to catch-up on all that stuff that got left by the wayside (sorry, workshop) over the last few weeks.

The freelance writing is slowly gaining momentum. I’m currently contributing short articles – on the science relating to music and language –  on my sister’s business Punch Vocals‘s blog. The first of those pieces went live last week (click here for that). And I’ve started working with Poker Tube, an online poker news site. My first piece up on there too (clickety here for that).

I’ve also been commissioned for two more science articles for Front Vision in their October issue. My first article for them is coming out in the August edition.

Unfortunately all this takes away focus from the fulfilling but financially void novel. For those who are tracking progress on that it currently stands at about 17,000 decently edited words, and another 9,000 or so which need a serious going over. I think the first draft is likely to weigh in around 100,000 words split over 5 sections.

My current goal is to get the first section, of about 25,000 words, done by the 30th May 2016. Here’s hoping…


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