The Writing Life

Despite a holiday abroad (well, back to the island home), and a couple of other minor disruptions, progress continues slowly and erratically on the novel. But my fame and achievements as a writer continue to grow with a couple of paid gigs beginning to come in.

These include a little blog work from a family nepotist, ghost writing a bodice-ripper for an online publisher, and an article on running for a children’s science magazine. All of which are hitting the internet/newsstands shortly and to which I will be linking as and when I can/they become available.

I also spent a couple of days last week in Leamington/Coventry visiting my friends and fellow writers up there who orbit the Warwick University writing program in various ways, and having some of the novel looked over by the Milverton cult while I was in town.

I recently I got a rejection from a mere 16-months after I submitted a story and which they were extremely kind about, but which reminded me I really need to send more shorts out…

Research reading is coming along, as is my slow review of the canon. Overall there is a vague sense of momentum building up. Which I should probably avoid frittering away writing blog posts.





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