Finally Writing

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Another general update on the passage of works and days.

I have at last begun to write properly, and am getting into it. Yesterday was the first day where I got down more than 1k words on the novel and, just as importantly, they mostly felt like roughly the right words. A scene that was otherwise a slightly flat bit found its third heat and has given me another thematic thread to work into the rest of the novel.

I currently write new stuff for an hour a day, then spending an hour editing, rewriting and adding to the older stuff. The hope is that this will balance forward momentum with a quality first draft.

Today marks the passing of the 5k mark in total and so am feeling that there is a proper opening developing. The whole thing will be about 80k in total I expect, so I am storing this optimism for when the going gets stickier and stodgier in the often troublesome second act.

The rest of my days are given over to reading (I have just finished Monkey by Wu Ch’eng-En and am getting started on Hugo’s The Toilers of the Sea #islandhome) and to hunting up some magazine work that will hopefully bring in a little bakshish to keep me in caffeine and calories.

More on other stuff some other time.




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