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Dans les pays étrangers

It’s been a little quiet of late on the blogging front as me and the ladyfriend have been moving from our island home to the civilised north. It was something of an adventure complete with sea voyage (Condor Ferries late night service to Poole), a road trip across three whole counties (four if you count St Peter Port, which you don’t), and a grand arrival in the bright lights of a big city (Bristol).

Since then, there hasn’t been all that much room for sitting down to type, not least because the chair on which I am sitting down to type right now only arrived from IKEA a week or so ago.

The study is all set up now, so I’m sat on a first floor mezzanine looking out of a three story window. I’m hedged in by my books and feeling pretty darn smug about the whole sitch.

Photo on 17-12-2015 at 13.59.jpg

My office.

As I am off to the US shortly for a couple of weeks I am yet to get stuck into any writing. But all that should begin in earnest upon my re-arrival en Angleterre on the 2nd.

There is a whole slew of administrationy things that need sorting alongside that. Getting a work email address, setting up a website, the publicity engines of social media, registration with National Insurance, the NHS, with HM Revenue & Customs as a sole trader, setting up a new current account for business transactions, and beginning to find markets and contacts for freelance writing. Even just making sure I have all the relevant stationary requires scrolling through endless identical printers on Amazon and an early Christmas gift of a ledger from the LF. No doubt there’ll be longer posts on some if not all of these things to come for those who are interested. But for now Happy Holidays and I’ll see you in the New Year.


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